Double Edged Sword: Removing Chores vs. Integrating Physical Activity in Daily Life

This Fall in the SFCS Studio on Aging and Health, I am very excited to explore a long standing theme- one dating back to 2013 when I photographed Octogenarians on bicycles going grocery shopping in Verona, Italy. How do we (re)integrate physical activity in daily life? Driving, Elevators, Automatic Handicap Doors and other physical activity- killing "innovations" remove physical exertion.... Lack of physical activity leads to disability- How can design change this? How can we integrate physical activity that is motivating to perform? On the other hand, how can we remove dreaded activities like cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Designing appliances in the Kitchen and Bathroom to be easily "cleanable" (see below post) should be a new design approach. While cleaning might require needed physical activity they are not always welcome.

In short, how can we decrease chores and undesirable activity while increasing integration of physical activities into daily life?

Any thoughts about this, please send to me