Brook Kennedy is an award-winning Industrial Designer with an inventor’s instinct and a commitment to helping people through design. With more than a decade and a half of experience through his own design practice and with world renowned agencies like Smart Design in New York, he has served some of the world's most respected brands. Presently he is exploring design, methods and sources of inspiration focused on improving health, renewability and quality of life. In addition to executive advising roles with companies internationally he also pursues research collaborations with scientists and engineers at Virginia Tech. There, he teaches his students to use Human Centered Design amongst other tools to solve real problems and create lasting value. He loves the serene beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and enjoys being a pedestrian in a small college town. Kennedy was educated at Reed College in Portland Oregon and earned his Master's at Stanford University in Design under the late Professor Matt Kahn. You can contact him at brook (dot) kennedy at vt (dot) edu.